Monthly Archives: January 2021

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Episode 36

IT’S TIME. After braving the forests of Akala in order to take down the island’s Totem Pokemon, Ash has at last earned the right to challenge Olivia, and compete in her Grand Trial. It’s been a solid twenty-five episodes since Ash last fought in a Grand Trial, and since then …

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Maquia and the Beauty of Parting

Tucked away in a remote village, the Iorph tend to their cloth. Known as the “Clan of Partings,” they are creatures of an older world, and live long, long lives compared to the humans that surround them. But the cloth lives longer still – referred to as the “Hibiol,” it …

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Winter 2021 – Week 4 in Review

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Wrong Every Time. I’m happy to report that I didn’t just blindly munch through a bunch of horror movies again this week, and instead got to some acclaimed, ambitious films that I’d been putting off purely because they’re too damn long. I’ve been meaning …

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