Assault Lily: Bouquet – 02

「スズラン」 (Suzuran)
“Lily of the Valley”

Oh yeah, last week definitely wasn’t a diversion. While Assault Lily is still in the throes of introductions and squeezing out what fan service it can before moeblob meets brick wall (and there’s quite a bit of it), it’s hard turning a blind eye to what’s heading down the road. There be suffering on this thigh high horizon, it’s only a question of how deranged it gets.

The main question for Assault Lily right now is just what show it intends on being. Besides the simple fun that can be derived by paint by number battle academy setting and pairing up the latest acquisitions from the bargain bin character section, there’s a clear question of just what comes next. For all the talk of magic, rune-infused weaponry, and bath-side shenanigans, there has to be something more and significant which lives up to the tensions being played up and foreshadowing (and histories) being teased. After all, why tease what you don’t plan on playing up to the fullest? Really this is just my personal concerns talking out loud right now, because while it is early days we have been burned by similar series before who’ve bitten off more than they could chew. There may be some noticeable thought at work here, but Assault Lily has yet to prove it’s not simply a mirage.

The good news, however, is that if things go as expected, we’re likely looking at carnage sooner or later. Yuyu’s musing at the end for example is case in point, for while unclear just what happened to her in between saving Riri and going full Homura, it’s fairly obvious pain and suffering was involved. Likewise is the confirmed Schutzengel-Schild pairing between both girls, as I seriously doubt anyone is going to miss the connotations once they realize Schild is German for shield. What happens when the junior’s guardian angel leaves their precious little kouhai to take the brunt of magical creature punishment? Something tells me we’ll soon find out. Well, that or discover there’s more at play with the Huge and the Lilies’ role in combating them—i.e. the infamous enemy is actually your former ally sort of twist—but honestly I expect this one to stay more psychological than go full shock considering Yuyu’s old partner is seemingly still right by her side.

There’s quite a bit left to discover when it comes what is propelling Assault Lily along, but I think we won’t have long to wait to find out just how deep this latest rabbit hole goes.


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