Assault Lily: Bouquet – 03

「ワスレナグサ」 (Wasurenagusa)

Now we’re going places. Not particularly happy places mind you, but all true yuri indulging romance orgies adventures have to start somewhere! Or something like that. Yeah, Assault Lily has more or less revealed its hand three episodes in, and while the script largely writes itself at this stage, the room for mind messing twist always remains.

Probably the biggest surprise (for me) this week isn’t so much Yuyu’s agonizing past, but rather the manner of its reveal. I had it dead to rights that her former Schutzengel in Misuzu was still alive considering all those dreary bits of brooding, so having the girl actually be dead and nothing more than a figment of Yuyu’s memory definitely rose an eyebrow. Oh yeah, there was also the whole impaling the rough and tumble tomboy on the highly impractical gun-sword, but really, did you honestly expect some different enough to break from well-worn Madoka tradition? When you tease suffering you damn well follow through, lest that runaway train flies right off the rails.

With the reveal made this week though attention turns to just what happens next, and we do at least have some hints. The presence of Rare Skills and Yuyu’s berserker ability for example pretty much foreshadows a later episode or two having a Lily in need of saving when superpower goes wrong, while Riri’s rescue of Yuyu, Riri’s rapid development, and the budding attachment between both girls (to the chagrin of one lovebird) all but guarantees damsel in distress will be a trope in the not too distant future. While wholly unclear what the nature of the threat itself or the outcome will be, given Assault Lily has confirmed it won’t shy away from death and that Huge are both magic-infused animals and capable of powering up (if they survive), you can certainly wager that suffering will likely remain the name of the game.

After all, when you have this many faces running around demanding their own screentime, you need some way to prune the number down to a more manageable amount. Even if the process proves, well, less than pleasant for the participants.


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