Is Dorohedoro worth the Anime of the year nomination? [Featured]

When I first heard about and started watching this show, I didn’t have many expectations. In fact, I was watching it to bash it and argue that Great Pretender was anime of the year after I saw many people giving Anime of the year to Dorohedoro.



Dorohedoro is a Sci-fi mystery story of Kaiman trying to literally find his true self after his face was transformed into a lizard by a magician. In this setting, the Magicians live in a higher world than the normal people and use their magic to experiment on the common man. Kaiman is a victim of one of these trials and is now trying to find the magician who turned his head into a lizard so that he can get his life back. Fair warning though it does include a lot of gore.

The story starts off with action and includes a lot of action overall. The overall mystique and build-up of the show are pretty great. Even after finishing the first season, there is so much more that I want to know. The story is not predictable at all it keeps you on your toes and takes you on a thrill ride.

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All hail MAPPA who doesn’t seem to miss much these days. You might not want to hear this but most of the show is CGI. Now before you write it off all I’m asking of you is to give it a chance. Personally, I’m not a big fan of CGI but the CGI in this show is some of the best I’ve ever seen and action scenes never fail to deliver.


At the beginning or even after 3 or 4 episodes you might not care much for the characters but as the story moves on and develops you get more and more invested. You start rooting for the main characters but you don’t know if the villain is actually a bad guy and after a couple more episodes you might start liking the antagonists.

Is Dorohedoro worth the Anime of the year nomination? [Featured]


Personally, none of the music in this show stood out to me. The soundtrack was good but nothing great. I was not a fan of the intro or any of the outros. Now I know that there are many people who liked a couple of the outros, but it’s just not for me.


If you are looking to watch a new action-packed Sci-Fi mystery anime. Dorohedoro should be your go-to and it absolutely deserves to be nominated for Anime of the Year (though I’m still voting for Great Pretender). If you’re wondering why? check out my review by clicking on Great Pretender.

You can currently only watch Dorohedoro on Netflix.

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