Maoujou de Oyasumi – 02

「姫と怒りのモフモフ」 (Hime to Ikari no Mofumofu)
“The Princess and the Furious Fluff”

For the second episode of Maoujou de Oyasumi, the luck that Princess Syalis faces is running out as her pastime of pilfering the Demon King’s castle for sleeping aids have started to catch up to her. Although she’s been having an easier time navigating the castle, she’s now attracting unwanted attention from demons who find her to be a nuisance that is disturbing the peace among those who dwell in the castle.

It’s hilarious how it took such a short span of time for Princess Syalis to annoy the demons around her. Her biggest obstacle at the moment is the Great Red Siberian, who keeps tabs on the many Demon Code violations she racks up while she’s breaking out of her cell. Syalis is uninterested in hearing about the shame she should be having for stealing a bulk of their goods, treating the caskets she’s been resurrected in as gifts from the castle, claiming a teddy bear as her own pet, and killing several ghost shrouds to use as sheets under the assumption that they’ll eventually be resurrected too.

She’s surprised by the Siberian’s outrage, but rather than outright spitting in his face, she’s just confused as to why he should care when he should be happy that she’s more interested in sleeping than helping out the hero or breaking out of the castle.

It’s her level of carelessness that makes it all the funnier when the number demons that she has annoyed increases by the day. At this point, Twilight is startled and frustrated that Syalis’ hunt for sleeping aids has caused him to be on high-alert for nothing, especially regarding the Phoenix eggs she didn’t even try to steal or the countless amounts of deaths she’s faced along the way.

The Demon Cleric is dejected by the fact that Princess Syalis goes out of her way to jump into death traps, and has managed to die at least once a week. The demons that were scared or shocked that she would die under their watch are now just confused as to why she’d be dumb enough to plunge herself into death traps over the minor inconveniences she faces while sleeping.

We get slight glimpses of Dawner and his quest to fight Twilight, but it’s great to see that Maoujou de Oyasumi is still picking up momentum and isn’t currently falling at risk of replicating the same level of humor as the first episode. Although the story is still about Princess Syalis gathering items to help her sleep, there are fun hints at more material to work with as the castle is becoming more and more aware of her presence throughout the castle and her motives to do whatever she can to find sleep, even if it cost Syalis her life on a number of occasions.

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