Megalobox: It’s the real deal! [Featured]

We all expect the same things out of a sports anime. The prodigy that everyone hates and the prodigy that doesn’t know his talent yet coming together to form a super team. Megalobox is different. Sure it’s an underdog story, but that’s what everyone loves.

Megalobox: It's the real deal! [Featured]


Megalobox is about this fighter called Joe or junk dog who builds his career from fixed games in the hood into one that could potentially take on the best in the world. He craves to fight with the best, and one day, he gets the opportunity in an unorthodox fashion. It’s not easy getting to the top, and I’m not just talking about the fighting. There are a lot of politics involved. The rich don’t want to see new people, someone who they can’t predict or bribe. Succeeding even through all of this is an outstanding achievement.


Considering that this a sports boxing anime without proper action, this show would be nothing, and boy is the action good. The boxing choreography and build up to the fight are great. You are fully invested in every single fight rooting for the main character Joe to win it all in Megalobox.

Megalobox: It's the real deal! [Featured]


This show uses a retro style of animation. It might not look good compared to the animation quality of modern anime, but the retro style fits perfectly for a gritty, working hard to succeed type of anime such as this one. It provides a real aesthetic and vibe that go great together.

Megalobox: It's the real deal! [Featured]


The build-up to every fight is great. You are completely invested in the characters. You know who you want to root for. Who you want to see succeed. Every time Joe hits the mat, you are rooting for him to get up and get back in the fight. To show the world that hard work pays off.


If you don’t watch this show for anything else, please watch it for the music. When the fights are going on or the music during the buildup of a fight, the background music creates so much hype that you can’t stop watching you. The theme’s aesthetic and vibe works great with the action on the screen, creating a great experience for the viewers.

Final Verdict

Megalobox is a great anime, and if you’re a fan of sports anime, you will absolutely love it. You will find beats in here that you can use to hype yourself up in real life too!.

You can currently watch Mgealobox on Netflix and Hulu.

Season 2 has also recently been confirmed for 2021

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