Senyoku no Sigrdrifa – 01

「館山基地へようこそ!」 (Tateyama Kichi e Youkoso!)
“Welcome to Tateyama Base!”

With fall season now in full swing we’re getting to some interesting stuff, and helping lead the charge is Senyoku no Sigrdrifa. While pretty much a paint by numbers tale and chalk full of trope-ish expectations, there’s no denying this anime original has spunk, and if a ~45 minute premiere is any indication, plenty of fun left to eagerly show the world.

As indicated in the always trustworthy (and never wrongTM) RC Preview, Sigururi is more or less what happens when Kotobuki meets Strike Witches and exchanges mecha musume attachments for good old-fashioned aircraft. Per the rites of all magical girl squads these days, alien invasion happened, heroes (read: teenage girls) were found, and humanity fought back. Obviously the same shtick we’ve seen before and itself already present twofold this season, but have you ever seen it with a Nordic flair led by the likes of an Odin aesthetically straight out of No Game no Life? Yeah, didn’t think so. Honestly premise is nothing special here, but given we have Re: Zero’s, Haifuri’s, and ViVid Strike’s creators all collaborating to create this anime original tale, there’s more than a little oomph lying behind the scenes.

Getting down to brass tacks initial impressions are pretty much what you’d expect from this type of series. Lead girl Claudia (Yamamura Hibiku) is one of Odin’s chosen magical girls Named who flies a Gloster Gladiator and thanks to a little bureaucratic shuffling, finds herself smack dab in the middle of Japan’s fight against the latest alien incursion in the Pillars. Naturally the girl has a melancholic backstory with the nickname of Grim Reaper that’s going to yield suffering at some point in this story, but for the moment it’s moeblob and comedy all around. Next comes the accompanying pilot cast of spunky Mugumura Miyako (Hieda Nene), closet yandere (because pink hair never lies) Watarai Sonoka (Kikuchi Sayaka), and nominal commander (yet total melt in your mouth tsundere) Komagome Azuzu (Ichimichi Mao) who are all cookie cutter and paint by numbers as you can expect. While there’s some ingenuity weaving its way through the proceedings (nice to see how the male cast actively plays a role beyond simple mechanics and feature assertive personalities to boot), truthfully if you’ve seen this type of series before you should know what’s coming down the pipeline for characters and story both. Backstory may currently be sparse and the enemy a total black box, but as Strike Witches has shown time and again it’s all about personal struggle and development, and Sigururi won’t be making any major exceptions to that formula.

While this first episode has tempered my expectations of Sigururi going forward, there’s no denying I’m still looking forward to seeing what it brings next. Given the minds at work and the material on display there’s a lot of potential for something fun, with the only question being how well it can deliver on that front. As the old adage says, we’ll just have to see what the next episode brings, won’t we?

OP Sequence

OP: 「Higher’s High」by Akari Nanawo


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