Senyoku no Sigrdrifa – 02

「海ほたる海上突撃戦!」 (Umihotaru Kaijou Totsugeki-sen!)
“Umihotaru Sea Assault!”

Something tells me once this season really gets going it’s going to be hard keeping all these magical girl alien invasion (or mythological appearance, but same thing honestly) shows straight. Case in point being Sigururi. Yes, it has its own shtick with Norse going Japanese, yes there’s quite a bit of chuckles to be had from cast and action, but can it cleave off a significant sense of difference from Strike Witches? Truly an argument for the ages.

After getting the action hook in last week’s opener, this episode was more or less Sigururi’s proper intro. We got some further character details, lounged in the comedy, and got some more big baddie teasers as Pillars went moeblob. Frankly nothing particularly shocking or stand-out-ish for the moment: lead blondie Claudia is pretty much a black hole awaiting the inevitable filling in with a suffering past and prophetic future, the secondary trio of Azuzu, Sonoko, and Miyako help keep affairs firmly on the right side of lively and entertaining, and the base crew retain all the amusement you can expect from an on-stage audience. To be fair though I am getting a kick out of Claudia’s fellow Valkyries, Azuzu especially; tsundere overload or not, any cutie pie meshing albino looks and engineer wit with self-proclaimed genius mentality gets all my likes.

The thing up in the air is just where Sigururi plans on going with this premise. While fairly obvious we can expect the usual invasion stuff of “enemy of the week” encounters, boss fights putting some (or all) of the cast at risk of serious harm, and a happily ever after (because all smiles need protecting), you’d imagine there would be a narrative difference or two to help separate Sigururi from the rest of the pack. Personally, I expect this will come from our mysterious benefactor Odin given there’s enough ambiguity and suggestive intonations to indicate he’s not as big a savior as he states, and more than likely plays a roll in Pillar appearances. I’m not about to say the kid is directly spawning Pillars (no evidence for that yet at least), but once you know enough Norse mythology you start to get a little suspicious of intent. Especially considering Claudia’s actual origins, after flashback and divine musing both, are less than certain.

Is there more to Sigururi than meets the eye? We’ll just have to see what happens next.

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