Senyoku no Sigrdrifa – 03

「激戦地回復調査任務!」 (Gekisen-chi Kaifuku Chousa Ninmu!)
“Disaster Recovery Assessment!”

From zippy flying fun and games to…festival fun and games? Well, crepe eating ones at the barest of minimums. Yeah, Sigururi has effectively settled into the ubiquitous traditions many a spunky all-girl cast (support staff notwithstanding) shows love to indulge in, and for all the teasing of shenanigans to come, you can expect them to last a while. We have to bake the bread to butter with suffering later on, and there’s never any time like the present.

After all the misdirection last time concerning Claudia’s paternal origins, colour me surprised (and slightly disappointed) she’s not actually Odin’s daughter. While it makes sense overall—i.e. Odin handing out power like candy is easier than going full Zeus on the global female populace—I kind of wanted to see how the circle of human origins would’ve been squared against divine intervention. Or, you know, seeing how long it would’ve taken for the inevitable shota love story to have permeated through the memetic quagmire. In either case the biggie is the reveal that Claudia killed her previous Valkyrie mates (read: didn’t save them in time), which in turn explains her posting to a backwater location and also answers what we can expect for our latest female flight crew. In these sorts of stories, if the cast isn’t struggling, then there isn’t much to write about.

As for everything else this week, I think pictures above pretty much tell the tale. Miyako proves how home smarts beats book smarts every time; Azu continues to remain my spirit animal with a love of raw fish and refusal to embrace mornings; and Sonoka is someone you don’t want to catch alone on a street corner in the middle of the night (yes, I swear Munou na Nana is not in my mind as I write this!). Couple it with Claudia pulling some tasty reaction faces and darling we have development! And not just the funny kind either. Honestly, such stuff isn’t even that bad overall, but given we know precious little so far about Sigururi’s story and how next week looks set to continue the trend (beach episode four weeks in?), it’s somewhat hard getting and staying invested when this series’ main selling point has largely been relegated to support duty.

I imagine the payoff at the end will counterbalance the price of admission, but Sigururi certainly has some work ahead of it if it’s to retain attention long enough for it to truly spread its wings.


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