SK8 The Infinity Episode Release Schedule and Complete Watch Guide

Anime for years has been used as a medium to bring life to new things and sports is no stranger to it. The medium has spawned many known legends such as the classic boxing show Ashita no Joe and the mega-hit volleyball centered series Haikyuu!! along with simple stories told through using a sport such as Run with the Wind. And the latest to join the list of these sports anime is “SK8 The Infinity”, an original anime by Studio Bones centered around skateboarding.

SK The Infinity (SK8∞) is an upcoming anime which follows a bunch of teenagers who participates in illegal downtown skateboarding events. It will premiere tomorrow and will run from January 10 to March 28, 2021, for 12 episodes. A new episode will be released every Sunday at 2:00 am JST.

The series is headed by Hiroko Utsumi who in the past has directed two popular BL anime, which are Free! at Kyoto Animation and Banana Fish at Studio Mappa. Besides that Ichirou Ookouchi is the series composer and Michinori Chiba is designing the characters. Meanwhile, Ryo Takahashi is composing the music. Studio Bones is animating the series.

Now with so many anime airing during a single season, it is hard for any period to keep up with each of them and their release dates and times.

So that’s why we have prepared this SK8 The Infinity Release Schedule which will help you know when the next episode in the series will air.

SK8 The Infinity Episode Release Schedule

List of Episodes Release Date

Episode 1 January 10, 2021

Episode 2 January 17, 2021

Episode 3 January 24, 2021

Episode 4 January 31, 2021

Episode 5 February 7, 2021

Episode 6 February 14, 2021

Episode 7 February 21, 2021

Episode 8 February 28, 2021

Episode 9 March 7, 2021

Episode 10 March 14, 2021

Episode 11 March 21, 2021

Episode 12 March 28, 2021

Where to Watch Online?

Viewers in the USA and Canada can watch the show on Funimation in its original Japanese dub with embedded English dub. Meanwhile, for fans in Australia and New Zealand, they can stream it on Animelab. It is also available on Wakanim in France, Denmark, and Russia. It is currently not available on Netflix though, but we are hoping they will license the show once it will finish Broadcasting.

When the English for SK8 The Infinity Anime will premiere?

There is no official confirmation of whether or not SK8 The Infinity will receive an English dub or not. However taking into account the fact that Funimation is streaming the anime, which are known for their simuldubs, it is relatively safe to say that an English dub will be announced very soon.

Synopsis for SK8 The Infinity

SK8 The Infinity anime key visual
SK8 The Infinity anime key visual

The anime centers on Reki, a second-year high school student who loves skateboarding, and gets caught up in “S,” an underground and dangerous skateboard race at an abandoned mine with no rules. Ranga, who has returned to Japan from Canada and has never skateboarded before, also gets wrapped up in S along with Reki. Dirty racers, AI racers, and other unique individuals compete in the “youth skateboard race battle.”

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