Strike Witches: Road to Berlin – 02

「結成ストライクウィッチーズ」 (Kessei Sutoraiku Uicchizu)
“The Strike Witches Come Together”

Although I’m somewhat kicking myself for covering Strike Witches a couple weeks early (that quality difference does not lie), no denying it’s nice seeing the original witches back doing witchy things. Don’t think for a second that this season will be doing anything different than before (heh), but if you needed some cutesy alien invasion done right, look no further than this.

After all the fun of having Yoshika featured last time, this week was a more “traditional” affair of overcoming hardships, bringing back the boys girls, and crushing alien face. Obviously by Strike Witches standards it’s the bog-standard material seen countless times before, but after such a prolonged break? Oh you know you loved every minute of it. Even I have a hard time really complaining about the usual Neuroi butt-kicking going on considering animation quality (barring the honestly fine 3DCGI I’m sure some will still find a way to hate) and voice acting were all on point, and we even found time to work in some first episode quirks that I honestly thought would be one week affairs. Note to self: Swiss military equipment in real life is definitely not that poorly maintained.

Beyond the fun of witchy reunions though, in terms of story little else is known for the moment. While the nature of this season is out in the open with striking forth towards Berlin, there’s still quite a bit of ambiguity surrounding the nature of the upcoming threats and what we can expect our half-clothed cast to experience before reaching their final objective. After all, you don’t just tease the enemy doing something wholly unexpected – i.e. their appearance in water – and then forget about it later on. Clearly the Neuroi have been growing and improving in order to further their relentless march, obviously they have additional plans if attacking Antwerp is any indication, but what those specifically are? Your guess is as good as mine. Frankly it’s nice seeing Strike Witches knows how to keep a surprise or two in reserve though, for while we all know how this season will likely end—i.e. not a witch killed—the path to reach it can certainly retain a few hidden cliffsides.

No guarantees they’ll be the most stupendous of cliffsides of course, but next week should hopefully give us a good taste of just what’s in store for the rest of this season.


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